Louie Flann Mysteries

     Animal communications researcher Maureen adopts a
lost German Shepherd while visiting her dad in Chicago.
Their professional and personal relationship grows during
training in Miami until Bigdog finally “tells” Maureen that
he has witnessed a murder. She goes to the Chicago
police with Bigdog’s story, but to them, it’s just another
kooky lead.

      Meanwhile, Maureen volunteers Bigdog to perform
surveillance work with the Miami Police, opening up new
ways to prevent crime. And, on a day off from police
work, he is struck motionless at the sight of the killer
right there, on the sidewalk, in front of him.

      During the Chicago murder trial, there are
disagreements between the lawyers, the judge, our dog
owner, the testimony of the witnesses, and the media.
Could Bigdog give testimony? Would it be legal? Would
this testimony be believed by the jury? Would you believe

      Throughout the story, our heroine has suspenseful and
lightly romantic encounters, all rated G.

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