Louie Flann Mysteries

  Missing: a valuable antiquity.

  Suspicious occult occurrences, a séance, car troubles,
another séance, injury in the forest, strange people not
a part of the campus community are roaming the
campus, pleasant fall weather, and, someone is
following our Veronica.

  Is he some rejected suitor or someone harboring bad
thoughts about our investigators? Holy smoke! What’s
she going to do? What are they going to do?

  Will the ancient bowl return? Will our detectors find
who done it? Are Veronica and Monica, who are cute
as kittens, affecting the objectivity and efficiency of
Ralphy and Jason? I can’t tell! Who won the game,
and what happened at the dance?

  All these questions—and more—will be answered
before you put this book down. This is a story about
good kids with a devil of a job.

  No animals were injured in the writing of this story.

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