Next Time We Steal The Carillon
A 5th century BC antique from one of
the Greek islands was the school's
most cherished asset and its theft
shocked the whole university.

Our criminology teacher, Professor
Palma, and four of his students have
been assigned the task of finding it.
They've got to do it fast—before
homecoming—or the administration will
look like dunderheads. Heads will roll,
donations will dwindle and life will go
downhill for all the students.

These contemporary temporary
sleuths live through this cozy mystery
set in the Midwest during the Clinton

Lighthearted, yes; scary, maybe; but
fun to see how the prof and kids figure
everything out.
Louie Flann

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Everything Louie  Bio of Louie Flann
My life is made up of small vignettes where now I only remember the funny, the interesting stuff, and have pretty
much forgotten the standing in wet shoes in the snow, the job interviews that I blew, the car not starting and the
entire computer network crashing after I just touch, ever so lightly, the WRONG KEY.

My formative years were spent on my knees in the corridors of some of the most prestigious schools in suburban
Chicago. The nuns tried to break my spirit on a daily basis but I persevered. High school was when I started
working on cars, which I still do. Modern chemistry has allowed me to purge my fingernails of the grease from my
first Fiat--finally. I studied engineering in college, then I left for the Marine Corp Reserves.

I worked on making screws and ladders. When things were still made in America, I made 'em. And, the government
gave me two patents for it. I also owned and operated a woodshop and a gift shop sequentially.

I stood in front of high school students for years. Unfortunately, I believe, I have profited much more from it than

In the name of economy, I bought cars that needed work. The terminally ill were saved from the salvage yard just
before their last breath. I helped them recapture their youth and usefulness. Some day, I will own a car of this

Places I've lived: state with most governors in prison (Illinois), state closest to the Arctic Circle (Minnesota), and
now paradise (Florida).

For the unknowing, Naples FL is paradise. Several of my friends who have died and gone to heaven have said:
"Hey, this ain't as good as Naples. I wanna go back." If you forget the balmy temp, there are still the lovely palm
trees and flowers that scent and cover every inch of this leisure land. I couldn't have found a nicer place to settle.

I'm having a fun filled life with a wonderful wife (my neighbor's) (just kidding) and grown son and daughter-in-law.
My son and I still have a good relationship. Just the other day we traded noogies.

I am presently editing a new mystery about a dog, and a volume of short stories and things.

My story, Next Time We Steal The Carillon, will be coming out in paperback around the holidays. All of my stories
are written for the whole family--no bad words or inappropriate scenes.

Pass me my Piňa Colada please.

Louie Flann
As Bigdog walks down the street, he is happy to finally see
a friendly face, Maureen. Her job,  as an animal
behaviorist, includes training dogs to communicate and he
really needs to communicate—he’s seen a murder.

Maureen adopts our wonderdog who goes through months
of training before he’s able tell any secrets. And then he
sees the killer.

Will he be able to testify? Would it be legal? Would he be
believed by the jury?

In the end, Maureen and Bigdog do find happiness.
Witness Unleashed
Your Face on an Orange 10cents
A cozy mystery
A courtroom thriller
Short stories
A collection of short stories and humorous observations
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