Louie Flann Mysteries
    My life is made up of small vignettes where
now I only remember the funny, the interesting
stuff, and have pretty much forgotten the standing
in wet shoes in the snow, the job interviews that I
blew, the car not starting and the entire computer
network crashing after I just touch, ever so lightly,

    My formative years were spent on my knees in
the corridors of some of the most prestigious
schools in suburban Chicago. The nuns tried to
break my spirit on a daily basis but I persevered.

    High school was when I started working on cars,
which I still do. Modern chemistry has allowed me
to purge my  fingernails of the grease from my
first Fiat--finally.

    I studied engineering in college, then I left for
the Marine Corp Reserves. I worked on making
screws and ladders. When things were still made in
America, I made 'em. And, the government gave me
two patents for it. I also owned and operated a
wood shop and a gift shop sequentially. I stood in
front of high school students for years.
Unfortunately, I believe, I have profited much more
from it than they.

    In the name of economy, I bought cars that
needed work. The terminally ill were saved from
the salvage yard just before their last breath. I
helped them recapture their youth and usefulness.
Some day, I will own a car of this century.

    Places I've lived: state with most governors in
prison (Illinois), state closest to the Arctic Circle
(Minnesota), and now paradise (Florida). For the
unknowing, Naples FL is paradise. Several of my
friends who have died and gone to heaven have
said: "Hey, this ain't as good as Naples. I wanna go

    If you forget the balmy temp, there are still the
lovely palm trees and flowers that scent and cover
every inch of this leisure land. I couldn't have
found a nicer place to settle. I'm having a fun filled
life with a wonderful wife (my neighbor's) (just
kidding) and grown son.

    Pass me my pina colada please, and
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